Gabrielle's Story

Gabrielle loved catching frogs. She loved singing and dancing and painting. She loved yellow and rainbows. She loved going to school. She loved to steal my lunch bags and she loved to brush my hair. She loved playing with her brother and sister and cousins. She loved going with her dad to Tim Horton's on Saturday mornings. She loved swinging in our backyard and picking vegetables from our garden. She loved roasting marshmallows. She loved trying to ride her bike and she especially loved swimming. Mostly though, Gabrielle loved life and people her family and friends and future friends to be.

When she was 2 months old, Gabrielle was diagnosed with congenital heart disease. She had a unique form of coarctation of her aorta with no known treatment or cure and she struggled with the symptoms of heart failure. Just an infant, Gabrielle was already fighting for her life.

Before her first birthday, she had undergone numerous invasive tests, hospital stays, frequent clinic appointments with several different specialist, therapy and three angioplasties that we all hoped would open up her aorta, help the blood flow throughout her body and save her life.

Within weeks of being diagnosed with heart disease and MRI of her brain showed that Gabrielle had also suffered a stroke. She was too young to know exactly how this stroke would impact her life but it was clear that Gabrielle's body was vulnerable and her future was uncertain. I remember feeling overwhelmed with love and fear as I held my baby and watched her struggle through each breath. All I could do was offer her my love and reassure her that I would love her forever.

Surrounded by love and support and with her own will to live, Gabrielle's health improved. For five and a half years, her passion for life and her gigantic laugh filled our home with joy and inspired our hearts. Despite the many challenges she faced, Gabrielle embraced each of them with grace. She was always smiling and happy and I think people felt hope when they were with her. It is my hope that Gabrielle's smile will be remembered and that her passion for life will continue to inspire.

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Gabrielle's Ride will give all members of the community, from elite cyclists to families and children, the opportunity to ride in support of the thousands of children in Canada who live with the affects of congenital heart disease and pediatric stroke.


In order to ensure Gabrielle's Ride is a success we require many dedicated volunteers.


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