Gabrielle's Story

Gabrielle loved catching frogs. She loved singing and dancing and painting. She loved yellow and rainbows. She loved going to school. She loved to steal my lunch bags and she loved to brush my hair. She loved playing with her brother and sister and cousins.

     Gabrielle's Ride 2012

Asher's Story
By looking at our family, most people would never know the journey we have been on during the past 17 months. It is still difficult for me to even believe it! In 2010 I became pregnant with our third baby. I was so excited but nervous of the pregnancy after previously having two high risk pregnancies, I was not sure what to expect.

Nolan's Story
Nolen was born on March 31, 2010 with the appearance of a third degree burn from his elbow to finger tips and a dropped wrist on his right arm. Before I could hold him, he was immediately whisked away to the NICU and remained there for seven days.


Matt's Story
Sixteen years ago, only hours after birth, our son Matthew, was flown to Toronto Sick Kids hospital (from Kitchener) with a life threatening heart defect. As we watched our first born leave, we realized we never got to hold or hug him, just a small kiss between all the wires and tubes..

Joshua's Story
Joshua was diagnosed with Pulmonary Atresia (a completely blocked pulmonary valve) during a fetal ECHO when I was 22 weeks pregnant, our care was transferred from our midwife to Mt. Sinai special pregnancy unit and from there we began weekly ultra sounds and a host of other tests.

Augie's Story
Baby August was born October 21, 2009, pink and healthy, after a lengthy but uneventful labour with a midwife at a downtown hospital. He was born tongue-tied, making it difficult for him to latch initially, but, after a simple procedure the next day, he was breastfeeding.

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Gabrielle's Ride will give all members of the community, from elite cyclists to families and children, the opportunity to ride in support of the thousands of children in Canada who live with the affects of congenital heart disease and pediatric stroke.


In order to ensure Gabrielle's Ride is a success we require many dedicated volunteers.

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Gabrielle's Ride is a charity cycle that was inspired by the life of Gabrielle Ide Cinanni and will take place annually in Oakville.


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