Fundraising winners will be announced at Gabrielle’s Ride Family
Celebration on Sunday, July 17th, 2016.

Online Fundraising for our 2016 Campaign will remain open until October
31st, 2016 but only fundraising dollars submitted by Saturday, July 16th,
2016 by 10pm will be included in the Fundraising Winner Determination.

Be sure to enter your off-line pledges on your Fundraising Pledge Page
under ‘Manage Cash or Cheque’ option and bring your cash to be verified
at the Registration Check In Desk on Sunday, July 17th, 2016.

This will ensure that all your fundraising efforts will keep you in the running
to win the amazing TOP FUNDRAISING PRIZES!

We have made the pledge process easy and rewarding!

There are two ways to fundraise:

Online Fundraising

To begin raising pledges online first you must Register here.

Once you complete the registration process. Registered Participants can then set up a Fundraising Page.

Personal Fundraising Page

Electronic pledges will go directly to the SickKids Foundation. Donors will
receive an electronic tax receipt from the SickKids Foundation immediately.

Benefits of Fundraising online:

  • No need to collect money from individuals, you can obtain all donations through the secure online pledge payment processing
  • Create your personal web page to share and email to family, friends, coworkers asking them to support you in raising your fundraising goal
  • View online donations to date
  • View and track top Fundraisers

In Person Fundraising

If you choose not to use the online fundraising method and instead collect paper based (offline) donations, you can download a pledge form (PDF) and use it to record pledges.

Download Pledge Form

Please note:

All cheques should be made payable to Gabrielle's Ride. Official tax receipts will be issued for donations of $25 or more. Please print clearly. SickKids Foundation cannot guarantee a tax receipt if information is not completely clear. Please submit all monies by event day in order to be eligible to receive a Gabrielle's Ride T-Shirt.

Gabrielle's Ride Fundraising Tips
  1. Set a fundraising goal for yourself
  2. Create your personal web page and send it out to family, friends and coworkers asking for their support
  3. Add Gabrielle's Ride to your e-signature
  4. Put a donations box at your desk at work and personalize it with a photo or story
  5. As your employer to match donations
  6. Use social media to promote commitment and fundraising goals for Gabrielle's Ride
  7. Follow up with contacts
  8. Share the personal and inspiring stories from the cardiac and pediatric stroke families that Gabrielle's Ride will support
  9. Fundraise in honor of a loved one in your life
  10. Run a Lemonade Stand or Garage Sale and donate your proceeds to
    Gabrielle’s Ride
How to Get Involved
Register Online
Sponsor a Rider

Tyke Ride

(2 & under)
1 km
Tyke Ride

(2 to 12)
Family Adventure Ride
(12 & under)
Family Adventure Ride
(13 & over)
Country Adventure Ride
(See Route Map)
Rainbow Ride
(See Route Map)
Journey of Hope

Gabrielle's Ride Initiatives:

2016 Initiatives:

How your fundraising dollars are being used?

1. Supporting Fellowship opportunities at SickKids Hospital.

2. Supporting the development and publishing the world's first guidelines to treat children with cardiac disease and stroke.

3. Supporting Annual Symposium for leading international specialists in pediatric stroke and cardiology.

4. Supporting Continued Medical Education for community family physicians and first-responders so they may learn about pediatric stroke and congenital heart disease and understand how to recognize it

5. Our newest initiative for 2016 is to support the development of Children's Camp Weekend where children affected with congenital heart disease and stroke, and their sibling can experience a weekend of camp, away from their parents!


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